Saturday, 30 September 2017

“The Taboo’s”

by Herleen Emily (Nadi)
Our society often has a stereotype on certain issues that are restricted to be discussed amongst youngsters which is formally known as “taboo”. These issues include; sex, rape, romantic relationships, child abuse, sexual harassment and even puberty. Youths are often kept in a darker side of not having knowledge of what may come ahead in their life and maybe this is the very reason why we are having an increase in rape cases and sexual harassments in our country. Due to the fact that our society has put a taboo on these issues, it would be obvious that youths would want to “experiment” sex.
However, the core problem sits in our society and individual households who have formulated this stereotype. The phase of adolescence in a person’s life is a very fragile and sensitive one whereby they go through puberty and are known to have very active hormones. Thus, having unsettled and indecisive mindsets, they often make wrong decisions in their lives. So, to have a better understanding of life, why can’t sex be the topic of a dinner table? Or bed time story telling?
Parents often claim that issues like sex are connected to chains of respect, dignity, patience and the right time; which is acceptable. But if this message is not conveyed to them with time, they might lose their patience. Hence, would start to experiment it, physically or by watching pornography which clearly gives wrong ideology of having sex in life. Thus, where will respect, dignity and patience fit in? Discussing about these issues may prepare them for life and for the world that awaits them.

It is time when our society should rise with dawn and connect to the 21st century. It may have been a “taboo” in the yester centuries but an open book to this modern era. Why should we not talk about something that would be inevitable in our life? There surely is time for everything, but it is always important to prepare before the right time approaches.
By: Herleen Emily

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